Our Library Classes

Library classes at ICS are conducted for grades Pre-K through 6th. Each class is a 45 minute period in which students engage in a read-aloud book, followed by a literature based activity that correlates to the reading, and then completion time spent checking out books.

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Starting Them Young

There is no end to a child's imagination when you tap into it from a very early age through the magic of reading.

Reading Makes Better  Writing

Everything that is learned as a reader can be applied as a writer. Reading allows for use of imagination, finding inspiration, expanding vocabulary, learning from authors, employing grammatical rules, and developing techniques for writing.

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Creating A Library at Home

Why should you have a library in your own home? The answer is simple...children who grow up in a home with access to many books will achieve greater literacy in life and a pro-learning environment will result in a lifetime of seeking knowledge.